Hello Eastern Cape

We are both policeman of profession and passionate photographers for the past +- 7 years. Both has been such an amazing experience and learning curve for us both. Each field provide us with the necessary skills to see and view things differently. In my viewfinder of my camera we have the creative sides of us where we can paint and create, in our policing careers, we in the law and upholding and enforcing. The journey is not always easy but we have both have very strong personalities that will not allow us just give in easily.

My brother an i (Ashwin & Ashwell) started our company Ashtwinz Photography & Video shortly before he left for police training back in 2010. Yes we twins. Identical? You have to decide. We work very well as a team and myself Ashwell do mostly the photography work and my brother (Ashwin) the videography. Sometimes we change just to spice things up. Everyday is a learning curve and we share ideas and network around with other photographers. Puntuality is in our blood and service delivery is our second name.

We mainly focus on Wedding, Portrait & Lifestyle Photography & Videography and are always willing to go the extra mile for any alternative genre.