We met this young lady at the Villa Tuscana Boutique Hotel, she was busy with her make up... and getting ready for her big night.

While waiting for her.. we started shooting her clothing and accessories, being blown away by this stunning hotel, we could make use of any room or devine area inside/ouside the hotel. The atmosphere was filled by fresh air and scent of pure bliss.

A scenery that can easily calm anyone's mood, Exactly how Edwarnique felt, There was no rush, She took all the time she needed to look absolutely beautiful. When she made her appearance infont of the camera she was not shy to flaunt that beauty. It was a breeze to have her infont of our cameras.

The hotels essence of elegance complimented her so well, a location that was wisely chosen. Her partner joined in on a few of the images which made her even more of a lady. She sure had a blast of a day and evening.

Client: Edwarnique Jolene Fritz
Location: Villa Tuscana Boutique Hotel
Occasion: Matric Farewell (Framesby High)
Lightning by: Adrian Pretorius

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