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Ashtwinz Photography & Video is a family orientated brand who firmly believes in family values. We as a brand put our clients needs first, work with passion and enthusiasm to ensure we always meet satisfaction.

Knowledge is power! We continue to upgrade and sharpen our knowledge
about the trade. We aim to inspire our youth so they can step up and
decide to be entrepreneurs. We always strive to impart knowledge onto
others so we can build our society in and around the photography field.

We would love to tell your story and testify to the richness of our services
through our most precious resources, our cameras and creative ability.
“If you are not willing to risk the usual, you will have to
settle for the ordinary.” – Jim Rohn

It all started close to nine years ago when a new camera was acquired and a passion relived. Till this day the passion evolved and grown into a fully functional business and bring the best imagery in and around the bay.

Three brothers, two who is twins and the third, the youngest of the five siblings. The youngest Adrian is currently studying at NMU and the two twins Ashwin & Ashwell is employed.

We once read a piece that said, “Chase your dreams, even after hours, nobody is going to do that for you. there’s no specific time to work on your dreams.” Hence we work together after hours bring you the best of the best images and in the process achieving our dreams and goals.

Art has always been in our family since we used to love drawing in school and working with paint. We got introduced into film photography by our father who own a film camera. We could not play or use the camera as we please but later in high school we got a digital camera and that’s when everything started.


Ashwell Pretorius

"Dont go where there is a path, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail for others to follow.” Author Unknown

Ashwin Pretorius

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Adrian Pretorius

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